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KOIOS 8000 – Specification Converter

Use your corporate dictionary to convert or create multilingual specifications compliant to ISO 8000

The KOIOS Specification Library is the single location for data exchange in the digital era. All members of the KOIOS Community can use the data to generate quality material and asset master data for their organisation.

Verification and validation of master data requires an ability to resolve identifiers to the data sets that they identify. ISO 8000-115 compliant identifiers have a clear structure for prefix and identifier elements that are both human readable and electronically resolvable, and most importantly, the prefix element clearly identifies the owner of the master data.


Join the KOIOS Community and allow the power of ISO standard digital data to reduce your data handling costs and increase your data quality. The KOIOS Community hosts data of the highest provenance and gives you complete control of your data.

The KOIOS Community is the meeting place where all parties in the supply chain collaborate to improve efficiency through the exchange of quality data. You join the community at the entry point you intend to participate.

Premium Membership

Premium membership is available for Primes in the supply chain, dealing with a large number of SKUs, who want to build a bespoke package of substantial credits and other required components to support their ecosystem. Effectively, they use their credits to sponsor smaller third-party suppliers into the KOIOS Community at preferential rates.

Contact us for details of how your organization can benefit from a Premium membership to the KOIOS community.

500 Credits


per annum

3,000 Credits


per annum

10,000 Credits


per annum

50,000 Credits


per annum

A credit is used each time you upload or download a product specification.

To protect our members, access to the KOIOS Community is controlled by a registration process and verification of the entities authoritative legal identifiers.

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