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Data Exchange for the Digital Era

A trusted community built on collaboration and intelligence, delivering a single source of digital data for the MRO sector. Improve data quality and data exchange across the supply chain with ISO 8000 compliant product data.

 What are the benefits of being part of the Community?

Trustworthy data

Data in the KOIOS Specification Library is uploaded by the Manufacturer of the product itself giving it provenance, ensuring that the data is complete and correct.

Data for all your systems

Data in the KOIOS software is exchangeable in an open computer interpretable format so it can be exchanged between computer systems.

Understood around the world

Data is available in multiple languages making it easy for customers worldwide utilise product data in a language of their choice.

More efficient supply chains

A digital, single version of the truth to use throughout the supply chain. Access the same data so everyone is talking about the same thing!

Standing Alone

 Time and money is wasted interpreting product data in different formats, by manufacturers and distributors
 Inconsistent data is held across multiple computer systems leading to inefficiencies
 Expensive data cleaning projects, often returning disappointing results

As part of the KOIOS Community

 Single data source with the same structure integrated with any computer system
 Consistent data held upstream aligning master data across computer systems
 Master data can be generated at a fair price with excellent results


For Manufacturers

A single specification

Create a single version of the truth and use privacy settings to control which audiences see what data

Efficient data exchange

Exchange data in a single format that satisfies the needs of your official distributors and end users

Reduced data requests

Save your employees time by reducing the amount of requests for product data

Meet import demands

Prepare your company for the ISO 8000 conformance demands in Saudi Arabia

Multilingual data

Map your terminology to international standards and other languages so that your product data is understood worldwide

Brand protection

Use globally unique ISO 8000-115 identifiers to identify your products and your company. Reducing exposure to fraud

When manufacturers join the community to upload their specifications, their whole organisation benefits. The buy side of the organisation can use the community without incurring any extra costs, this means that the buy side can use the community and the software to improve the quality of their master data for their purchasing and warehouse systems.

Peter Eales, Chairman, KOIOS Master Data

For Distributors

Quality eCommerce data

Provide accurate, complete product data with the provenance of the manufacturer to your customers

Efficient data exchange

Save time and money exchanging data in the same computer interpretable format with all of your manufacturers

Remove duplicate data

Increase inefficiencies of in house processes by removing duplicate data from sales order processing systems

Multilingual data

Increase customer satisfaction by aligning terminology across manufacturers and providing data in multiple languages

Brand protection

Reduce exposure to fraud by joining a community with trusted product data from verified sources

Own brand products

Create product specifications compliant to ISO 8000 for your own branded products

For End Users

Eradicate data cleaning

Save millions by managing data in an efficient way, removing the need for data cleaning

Accurate master data

Remove incorrect material/asset master records by rendering descriptions directly from the manufacturers specification

Increase MRO efficiency

Increase maintenance, repair and overhaul operations with accurate, correct data with provenance

Right parts at the right time

Reduce downtime for equipment by ordering the correct parts at the right time

Master data for all systems

Manage master data upstream of your computer systems and have the same information represented everywhere

Multilingual data

Ensure your master data is understood by everybody within your company, without language constraints

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Join the KOIOS Community and gain access to the following


Join the KOIOS Community and allow the power of ISO standard digital data to reduce your data handling costs and increase your data quality. The KOIOS Community hosts data of the highest provenance and gives you complete control of your data.

The KOIOS Community is the meeting place where all parties in the supply chain collaborate to improve efficiency through the exchange of quality data. You join the community at the entry point you intend to participate.

Premium Membership

Premium membership is available for Primes in the supply chain, dealing with a large number of SKUs, who want to build a bespoke package of substantial credits and other required components to support their ecosystem. For example, they can use their credits to sponsor smaller third-party suppliers into the KOIOS Community at preferential rates.

Contact us for details of how your organization can benefit from a Premium membership to the KOIOS community.

500 Credits


per annum

3,000 Credits


per annum

10,000 Credits


per annum

50,000 Credits


per annum

A credit is used each time you upload or download a product specification.  For full details of our usage policy and definitions please click here.

To protect our members, access to the KOIOS Community is controlled by a registration process and verification of the entities authoritative legal identifiers.

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