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About us

International master data management experts, specializing in maintenance, repair and operations data for industrial applications

About us

International master data management experts, specializing in maintenance, repair and operations data for industrial applications

About us

International master data management experts, specializing in maintenance, repair and operations data for industrial applications

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KOIOS Master Data

Companies are struggling to overcome barriers to improved productivity, portability of data, digitization of material and asset records, and the challenges of exchanging data between organizations without changing their terminology to suit every separate entity they deal with.

Over recent years Peter Eales has observed how organisations were becoming more and more frustrated with the myriad of different formats catalogue items and technical specifications that were being used throughout the supply chain, and the huge costs that were being consumed in an attempt to make sense of them – from procuring the right component and then further down the line ensuring the right spares were ordered from the right place to the correct specification.

This frustration can be solved with the adoption of ISO 8000, the international data quality standard.

In February 2017 Peter joined forces with software entrepreneur Simon Towner and created KOIOS Master Data – an online community to enable manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and MRO organisations across many industries to easily collaborate by searching for, uploading and downloading catalogue items and product specifications that are compliant to ISO 8000.

The benefits of using this international standard means organisations can share a ‘single version of the truth’ across the entire supply chain, saving significant time and costs, and no longer struggling to source the right component from the right manufacturer at the right time.

At KOIOS Master Data we are passionate about helping our customers to reap the rewards of adopting ISO 8000. To that end we are driven to build an excellent product, that is simple and intuitive to use, responsive to your needs, and makes your catalogue items easy to find by buyers and MRO organisations.

Our team

Peter Eales

Chairman and Co-founder

Peter Eales is a subject matter expert on MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations) material management and industrial data quality. Peter is an experienced consultant, trainer, writer, and speaker on the subjects. Peter is a recognised by BSI and ISO as an expert in the subject of industrial data. Peter is a member ISO/TC 184/SC 4/WG 13, the ISO standards development committee that develops standards for industrial data and industrial interfaces, ISO 8000, and ISO 22745, and is also a committee member of ISO/TC 184/WG 6 Oil and Gas Interoperability, ISO 18101.

Peter has a track record of delivering successful projects for maintenance storeroom reorganisations, maintenance system data transition, and cataloguing, in Africa, the Middle East, the Far East, Australia, the United States of America and Europe for all sizes of companies in a wide range of sectors including automotive, FMCG, industrial distribution, oil and gas, and pharmaceutical.

Peter’s background in materials management gives him a unique insight into MRO data, and his product knowledge of spare parts and equipment makes him uniquely placed to offer incisive consultancy and training to industry.

Before founding KOIOS Master Data, Peter was the global subject matter expert for master data management for a major owner / operator in the oil and gas sector.

Simon Towner

CEO and Co-founder

Simon has been Involved in software development for the past 30 years, in numerous roles including Managing Director, Marketing Director, International Sales Director, Operations Director, Product Director and Partner Channel Director.

Simon has built and sold software products in the retail, telecoms, hospitality, cinema, help desk support, leisure centre and waste recycling industries across Europe, Scandinavia, South Africa, Far East, and the Americas.

Simon has also consulted on, and project managed software developments for various UK Government Departments. Amongst four degree qualifications, Simon holds an MBA from Henley Management College.

Matt Fancourt

COO and founder shareholder

Matt is responsible for managing the Partner Programme and providing all the services our clients and partners require.

Matt’s role means he understands fully the needs of our clients and partners, thereby plays a major role in steering the KOIOS Product Road Map.

During his Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering Masters degree from the University of Southampton, Matt developed an innovative idea that would enable aircraft to increase their efficiency in flight, something that with further research and development could potentially save the Commercial Aviation Industry millions. Despite his lecturers believing it would not be sucessful, Matt proved them wrong and built a working prototype. This tenacity and creativity is reflected in the capability of the KOIOS product we have today.

Zach Ross-Clyne

CTO and founder shareholder

It is rumoured that Zach learnt to program before he could walk! His track record in developing technology solutions for a number of organisations whilst he completed his degree from Portsmouth University demonstrates the rumour must be true.

As CTO Zach leads the design, development and maintenance of the KOIOS product suite, implementing industry best practice uniformly across the product development process.

Using the latest technologies from Microsoft, Oracle and Google, Zach has built the high performing KOIOS cloud based software suite whilst adopting stringent security standards.

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