Setting the standard for Industrial Master Data Management

At KOIOS we have a unique insight on industrial data quality, having had extensive experience in MRO consultancy. We have witnessed first-hand the pain that poor master data management can cause. After a fruitless search for a robust digital solution, we established KOIOS and developed our own innovative range of software.

The KOIOS software suite contains world-class master data management (MDM) solutions for the age of Industrie 4.0, compliant to international data quality standards. Our software generates fast and meaningful insights to aid accurate decision making, creating better efficiencies and saving on cost.

Our data governance and cleansing solution will reduce your costs, unwanted inventory, material duplication and more.

Best practice material master data governance

Efficient capital project data handover

Our cloud based equipment and spare part electronic SPIR solution will improve your equipment and material master data, which reduces capital expenditure, operational maintenance costs and more.

Whatever your role in the supply chain, we’ve got you covered


Our solutions use product data from source to ensure your customers always have the correct data.

Contribute to this growing resource and increase customer engagement and reach.


Our data governance and cleansing solution will ensure that your systems contain rich, multilingual, accurate product data that is free from duplication! This will reduce warehouse duplication and the associated costs.

End users

Our data governance and capital project solutions will ensure that your equipment and material master data is fit for purpose and will reduce inventory costs, save engineers time and improve your bottom line.

Benefit from product data directly from the manufacturer 

Product data from our product data library flows through all of our software solutions. Our product data library is a growing source of accurate, manufacturer controlled product data compliant to the International data quality standard, ISO 8000.

Our news and insights page is where we share our expert knowledge in data quality, data exchange and data governance as well as our domain expertise in capital project data and Spares Parts Lists and Interchangeability Records

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